DigitalOcean Email Setup with Yandex Mail

We are using DigitalOcean Server, it works great for developers. But the downside is, we will not have free email server stuff like the ones we get in regular hosting creating any number of email addresses for the domain we have.

So, so in this case, we should go with professional email service providers like google, which again costs us few bucks.

As we have started this venture newly and we do not budget to manage paid email service. Doing little bit of research, we found that zoho and yandex provide free email service. Started using zoho for sometime and we migrated to yandex.

I do not want to talk about why we moved. First of all, providing a free service itself is great and we strongly appreciate zoho for that. They give up to 25 email address for free.

Now, lets talk about how to setup this.

Domain Connectivity

Just create an account at yandex, and visit, follow the instructions they provide to verify the domain.

As step 2, they would as to add MX records, please go to digital ocean control panel, and add MX record for your domain.

Host Name: @
Mail Provider Mail Server:
Priority: 10

Creating Email Address

Now, create as many email address required and you can start sending/receiving emails from Yandex mail UI.

yandex create free email

Using Email Address on Digital Ocean Server

We obviously might need one email address to configure it our server so that we can send emails programmatically.

For example we use wordpress which sends emails. So, we need the yandex email settings.

Enable Yandex Mail to Use Email Client

Go the Settings icon on the right side of your yandex email web interface and select others.

On the left menu, you should see an option for Email Clients. Select it and save with appropriate options ( I have selected all).

Enable yandex email client

Yandex Email Settings

I have used a this plugin to manage my SMTP settings for wordpress website.

Below are SMTP Settings you can use,

SMTP Host Name:
SMTP Port: 465
Encryption: Use SSL encryption
Authentication: Email Username and password

Once you have done that your wordpress can successfully send emails.

Adding Digital Signature for Your Emails

Adding digital signature to your outgoing emails is required if you are sending emails to your subscribers. If not, there is a change that these emails might be marked as SPAM by google.

What we seen in our case is Red question mark with grey background. When I hover on that, the message was gmail couldn’t verify that this message was sent by and not a spammer.

For this reason, you might have add another record to your digital ocean server which will fix this problem.

Go to domain network settings in your digital ocean control panel and add a TXT record with the below details.

Value: v=spf1
HostName: @

Wait for 15 minutes or more, now the emails you send will not have any red question mark for the sender address.

Thanks to Yandex for providing free email service