Finding Viral Posts of Facebook Page

In the process of content curation, I thought about an app idea which provides best post of a facebook page. This article will only explain the available APIs and libraries to make such app.

The overall idea to find best posts of a facebook page is like this.
1. Get posts of a page.
2. Get comments and share counts of each posts.
3. Analyze the comment sentiments.
4. If the sentiment is positive with expected score and number of comments, we may consider it as viral.

Getting the Posts of FB Page

Our first step in process of making this app is getting the list of posts of facebook page.


Getting Shares, Comments of Each Post

Now, get the each post information like shares and comments using below API method


Analyzing comment Sentiments

There is a Natural Language Processing API from google which provides us sentiment score. If there is a negative feedback through comments, we can ignore it or sort by positive feedback posts. Thus we can short list the best posts of facebook pages in mattter of seconds.

We can run such program everyday inorder to get nice posts from popular facebook pages.